Unfortunately I am not currently running any classes.

All general training classes will include the essential obedience exercises, but as much as possible with a real life focus. Dogs are scenario learners, so if they only learn to sit in your kitchen, that is where they will do it, I believe we need these things to happen wherever you are, so we train in parks, in towns, in busy places and quiet places, as well as village halls.
I try to incorporate some agility, rally and scentwork, to vary things and add in distractions as much as possible.
Depending on your requirements I can help you with your training in a group class, individually or even out on a walk. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your specific needs.

So that I can provide you with the best service, a home visit before you start is advised, this way I get to know your individual needs and make sure we do the most appropriate training for your lifestyle.

When you start with rewarding paws, you will be provided with a bag of Feelwells treats, a fleece toy, the book 101 Doggy Dilemmas by Tony Cruise and a bandanna. At the end of your first six classes, you receive your first badge for the bandanna, representing the first step on your training journey.

Rally and tricks classes are also held, for people who want to achieve even more with their dogs, see their pages for more details.